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“Your work speaks for you.”

I learnt as an Architect that marketing and advertising is a professional taboo. It is believed that the most ideal way for an architectural firm to get new clients is through word of mouth. Being a curious boy, I wanted to understand this more. Alas, I realised that first of all, everyone is a marketer and secondly that there are other ways. However, that realisation happened overtime. It is ideal that your work speak for you. It is also important to know that marketing is not synonymous with noise-making.

I am The Brand Architect.

I help individual and corporate brands design and implement brand and marketing strategy as a whole, or indivial services that includes (but not limited to) brand identity design and website development. Visit IDSbrands (my company) for more details.

Brand Identity & Digital Experience Design Agency...

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Tayo Abobarin, also known as “The Brand Architect,” is a Nigerian Architect and Brand Strategist. He helps businesses and individuals position their brands to attract and engage the intended audience with a functional approach using stories, digital media and architecture.

Tayo is a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing and an executive member of Life Coaches Association of Nigeria. He is the founder of IDSbrands, a Brand Identity & Digital Experience Design Agency; and the host of “The Pub,” an online community set up to help members build businesses driven by the right ideas and strategies. His aim is to help organisations and entrepreneurs build functional and profitable brands using simple processes and practical strategies.

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