business, 2018

This book is a fine blend of adventure stories and practical brand strategies most applicable for small business brands but as well useful for every brand building process. It covers key aspects of building an exceptional brand. Some of the topics covered include creating a functional brand identity, brand naming, product packaging, service packaging and brand storytelling. This book will show you easy to adopt strategies to get new customers and keep them returning.

Mastering the strategies outlined in this book will overtime turn you into a customer attraction wizard, although this book is not about magic or spooky tricks. Each chapter is introduced with the description of a scene or character from the ‘Harry Potter Series’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ movie as it relates to the topic discussed in that chapter. This book is the magic wand your business needs. Get it, don’t lose it.

Excerpt from Chapter 1
(The Audience)

"It is easier to speak to one person than it is to speak to a crowd, so speak to a crowd like you’re speaking to one person."

You cannot sell to everyone because it is impossible to appeal to everyone. You cannot even afford it. You need to establish who your product or service appeals to the most.

Here is an example, I once asked a client seeking to rebrand her fashion business what her target audience was and she said “women within the ages of 12 – 80.” Practically speaking, there is no specific product that will appeal to everyone in this age range. It is just too wide. This is what I usually recommend for small businesses trying to understand their target market: start from where you are...

  • Dr. Lanre Olusola
    "Very insightful book. A combination of powerful tips that guarantee brand success."
    Dr. Lanre Olusola
    Life Coach, Behavioral Psychologist
  • Charles O'Tudor
    "Easy prose. Deep and incisive content. This no doubt will enrich the cerebral content of the targets. A MUST HAVE for all Brand Patriots. Awesomely awesome!"
    Charles O'Tudor
    Brand Strategist
  • Lola Opatayo
    "Quite explanatory. I learnt things, was reminded of others. It's short too, so it's something one can easily recommend to a new entrepreneur."
    Lola Opatayo
    Author, Blogger, Storyteller
  • Adeoye Adekoya
    "Wow! The flow is superb. Readability is on point and the content is rich and precise. You’re going places man!"
    Adeoye Adekoya
    Sales Executive
  • Arc. Afolabi Adedeji
    "I really like the book! Illustrative, interesting and easy to grasp, even if you know nothing about business."
    Arc. Afolabi Adedeji
  • Motunrayo O.
    "This is one of the best books I've read in a while and the reason is simple: It deals with issues faced by small businesses in a very practical and concise way..."
    Motunrayo O.
    Fashion Entrepreneur


personal branding, 2022

Brands are driven by individuals and people do business with people. It is always easier to relate with a person than with a faceless organization, but an individual that is oblivious of how much power they hold in achieving ‘the impossible’ will remain unappreciated or ignored.

The “Magic Ring for Personal Branding” is another interesting adventure into discovering and rightly projecting the value and uniqueness of your personal brand.

Each person has to embark on this personal ‘brand quest’ to discover the essence of their being and how to be contantly memorable, even when they're not in the room.

This book is for every individual willing to understand, maximize and monetize their uniqueness.


‘We learn daily. While some are learning how to adapt, others are learning how to escape or turn around the same situation’