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The Magic Ring for Personal Branding

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Each individual has their unique role to play in the global ‘brand quest’. This is a book for everyone willing to understand, maximize and monetize their uniqueness. Click here to Pre-order.


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The Magic Wand Brand Strategy

What makes a brand memorable? The logo, the name, the hype or it is simply the quality of experience?

It is becoming harder by the day for small businesses to maintain customer loyalty. Growing businesses alike struggle to keep their brands memorable. It is as if there is a widespread charm of forgetfulness caused by the saturation of the numerous brands we come across and interact with on a daily basis. How do you help customers escape being ‘oblivated’ and keep your brand as top-of-mind and the go to solution whenever they are in need of the services you offer?

From Hogwarts to New York, this book takes you through the fantasy world of Newt Scamander and Harry Potter to simplify the basics of building a sticky and relevant brand.

Among other things, you will learn how to trigger favourable emotional responses from your target audience through the art of brand storytelling, using examples of some stories you are already familiar with. Brand strategy books used to be complex and boring, until now!

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The Magic Wand Brand Strategy
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 3 reviews
by Jide Bamidele on The Magic Wand Brand Strategy

This is not just a book but a tool. It is a brand reference tool that I intend to read over and over again.

by Olumide on The Magic Wand Brand Strategy

Just finished reading the book. It’s a good read. Keep the fire burning, Jah bless thee

by Jesulobatemi on The Magic Wand Brand Strategy

“The book is beautifully written and very informative! ‘Tayo has done an awesome job!”

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