Why You Need A Personal Brand Message

    Why You Need A Personal Brand Message

    “Please Mr. Abobarin, introduce yourself.”

    I was asked that question a long time ago at a presentation but I was quiet for just too long and I didn’t realise it until someone else broke the silence. The issue was, I just graduated as a student of architecture though I was working part time as a User Interface designer at some startup in my final year. However, the proposal I submitted to this company was that I could significantly turn their brand identity around and they would consequently make much more money. I had read in some book about sending out proposals and I was just experimenting, so I totally wasn’t expecting them to call me for a presentation. I messed it up.

    The challenge wasn’t incompetence. I had some graphics design and website design experience, I must have been good enough for someone to have employed me despite being an undergrad. The challenge was that I didn’t have a message. I was wondering if I should say I’m an architect, a website designer, a graphics designer or all of it and maybe more.

    Today, I don’t just have a message, I have two. One is universal and the other is specific. My universal message is that I am The Brand Architect – I help my clients create a favourable and profitable perception using design centered solutions. My specific message right now is our present and on- going discussion – Personal Branding.

    Your message is how you communicate your competence and beliefs. Your universal message is your mantra, mission statement, value proposition or whatever you choose to call it. Each time you create a post, make a video, share a podcast or write a book, you’re sharing a specific message. Your universal message stays the same but your specific message varies depending on the topic or situation at hand.

    You have an audience and the spotlight is on you. What’s your message?